Become a balanced leader and perform at your best (even with all the expectations)

So you can work less and contribute more, have time and energy for what really matters to you, and feel calm and present in your life
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There is a way!

This is for you if . . .

You’re a busy leader and professional who is ambitious and driven and, while you might be proud of what you are achieving in your career so far . . .

. . . you’re also feeling a little burnt out and want more time and energy for what really matters in your work, for your family and for yourself.

You find yourself working more than you want to be because so many people are depending on you and you don’t want to let them down or feel like you’re falling behind if you don’t do it all.

You are constantly pulled into the weeds and in back-to-back meetings, so you find yourself not having the time to work on what is important and spend extra hours in the evening just to catch up.

And you are likely feeling tired of always having to be “on” and want some downtime without having to worry about not meeting expectations or feel guilty for making your personal time a priority.

You want to slow down the pace and take back control of your days, but you’re just not sure how to still perform and be successful without working long hours or sacrificing your sanity.

Deep down you simply want to feel good, be present in your life and enjoy your work and home time without feeling constantly torn between the two.

You want to spend more quality time with your family. To make yourself a priority and not feel selfish. To be the leader you aspire to be (leadership is a way of being, not your title).

The problem with how we were taught to be successful is that it doesn’t actually work in the long term and leads to unnecessary stress, burnout, and worse performance.

When you’re feeling scattered and always worried about dropping a ball on your commitments because there is simply too much on your plate.

When you’re overwhelmed with all the pressures that you’re paralyzed and unfocused when you do actually find a chunk of time to work.

Or when you find yourself short on patience and snapping at your team or your kids (even though you don’t mean to), or having little energy and oomph left to enjoy your evenings and weekends with your family.

You sacrifice your well-being AND performance with the current way you are operating.

So, if you want to work less, lead at your highest level, and be the best you can be with your team and at home with the people you love the most, you must start making yourself and a sense of balance the priority.

It is counterintuitive, and it is the path to your success. If this sounds like or feels like you, I invite you to step into a different way to be successful that offers you more joy, ease, and confidence each day.

You can work less and contribute more

It’s your happiness and well-being that drives your performance.

When you are tired and run down, or just getting by each day, you are:

– less focused

– less productive

– have less energy

– more impatient

– everything feels harder than it needs to be.

When you make your happiness and well-being a priority, you are:

– more focused

– more energetic

– more productive

– more resilient

– more innovative and creative

– more patient

– everything feels easier to juggle between work, kids and rest of life.

The benefits are well-proven and significant. This is the path to more balance, less stress and a high level of performance.

‘The Balanced Leader’ Membership is a new twist on a proven program for busy leaders and professionals who want to be more balanced, stress less and perform at a high level where you will:

create and keep stronger boundaries so you can protect your time, have space to recharge, and focus on what is important (and let go of what is not)

focus your time and energy to be more effective and efficient during the workday so you can accomplish what will move the needle and feel a sense of accomplishment each day

calm your busy mind to be more present, use your mental energy more effectively, and more easily let go of the guilt, negative self-talk, pressure you put on yourself and worry about letting people down, building critical skills like mindfulness

be more patient and present with the people around you so you show up as the leader or parent or spouse that you want to be and who you really are (impatience is a sign you’re out of balance)

increase your confidence to handle daily challenges you face with more ease, speak up what’s really on your mind and feel good about your decisions, like when you have to say “no”

strengthen your connection with others and bring out their best, foster their happiness and well-being, and be the leader you aspire to be – it’s a ripple effect!

This membership offers you flexibility, consistency and the opportunity to build critical leadership and life-skills that will last you for the rest of your career.

To be your best in the midst of all the demands and expectations. All without sacrificing the things that you care about the most in your career and personal life.

What would change for you if you could…

Slow Down

so that you can feel less overwhelmed


so that you can actually accomplish what matters

Be Present

so that you can enjoy and be in the moment

Feel Confident

so that you can feel good and better perform

Be Patient

so that you can calmly handle tricky situations

Think Clearly

so that you can see and make better choices

Have More Energy

so that you can be focused and have oomph left for home time

Feel Happier

so that you can really enjoy your work, family and rest of life

All while stepping into the best version of yourself in your career, with your family and for you, personally.

You are not alone

A few years ago, I really struggled with walking a fine line between high performance and being weighed down by all the demands and expectations.

I often worked evenings and weekends. I had little energy and presence for my family at the end of the day. I’d rush through home “duties” and once the kids were in bed, I’d catch up on work and email.

I remember so many times feeling paralyzed sitting at my desk wondering how I would possibly get everything done. Yet, I was still “succeeding”.

I had a great career and family, but I didn’t feel happy or fulfilled with how I was showing up in my life.

The crazy hours, constantly feeling overwhelmed and scattered, and my impatience got to the point where it was affecting my relationships with those who matter most to me . . . my husband and three kids.

Eventually, I knew something had to change.

I started to take back control of my days by creating stronger boundaries, learning how to say “no” and focusing my time and energy on the real priorities  (which meant I had to let go of worry about what will people think).

I made these changes during the busiest time in my corporate career.

The unexpected and exciting thing that happened was that I performed EVEN better. I discovered how to confidently leave work at work, felt more calm and in control, and achieved more while working less.
IMG_3699 (2)

I even got a promotion in this time! It opened my eyes to what is possible.

Since I left my corporate career in 2015, through my training in positive psychology, mindfulness and resilience, I’ve discovered how to calm my busy mind, let go of worry easily, be focused and present, and what it really takes to flourish no matter the circumstance.

I’m still amazed by the difference it’s made in my life, not only in my career but more importantly with my husband and kids, and with myself.

I am now a leadership and Certified Positive Psychology Coach and support other busy leaders and professionals to be more balanced, stress less AND perform at a high level, working with companies like Microsoft, Deloitte and government.

So, if you’re feeling overloaded and working more hours than you’d like, stressed and on a path to burning out, or find yourself impatient and not present with the people who you care about the most, then this is for YOU!

What it really takes to be balanced and perform at a high level

It’s skills like mindfulness, resilience, confidence and focus that are required more than ever to succeed in a fast-paced and changing environment.

The Balanced Leader Program is designed based on research of the biggest challenges professionals face, my own transformational experience and built upon a strong foundation of scientifically proven factors that enable people to thrive and perform at their best (no matter the circumstance).

You will not only be more focused and respond better to a demanding workload, create more balance in your life, deal more effectively with others, and ease your internal pressure and self-doubt . . .

. . . you will also discover how to be more mindful of your thoughts and actions, increase your self-awareness, create greater mental agility, be more present, and build your resilience to stay calm and quickly bounce back from setbacks and daily stressors.

You’ll make yourself a priority for a change so that you can be there for others in a real and meaningful way.

You’ll perform even better and lead even stronger when you do!

Stacey is someone who clearly cares about the success of others and understands how demanding the corporate world can be and what is possible. I’ve shifted my mindset in a short period of time from a place of frustration and fear to happiness, confidence and courage. This has not only been a benefit to me, but the people around me.

Working with Stacey has been transformative. I knew I wanted to step into my leadership position with clear boundaries, values, and a vision on who I was and what I wanted to accomplish in this role. It felt overwhelming to achieve before I joined. This program doesn’t just impact your work life, it transforms your ENTIRE life.

I didn’t have the time for the program as my schedule was chaotic, but I just did it! It allowed me to re-evaluate priorities, choose how I want to show up in my day and in my life, and I implemented many things that helped me and my team keep calm and focused during a very busy and stressful time. Stacey is kind and compassionate and is rooting for you throughout the process.

Your Path To Becoming a Balanced Leader
(leadership is not about your title!)

The Balanced Leader Membership anchors in a proven framework where you’ll grow in six different areas and build critical skills of focus, mindfulness, confidence and resilience to more easily accomplish your goals and shift your thinking and behaviors for transformational results.

Module 1

-What to do to align your actions with what you value so you feel more fulfilled and in control of your life

-How to keep strong boundaries that fit with your life so you can make better decisions on how you spend your time and not constantly feel torn between your work and personal time.

– How to become mindful of your thoughts and actions so you can feel calmer, focused and choose how to respond (instead of reacting)

-Understand how positive change really happens, what balance looks like for you and start to make your well-being a priority


-What to do to step out of feeling overwhelmed, guilty and worries about what other people think, which wastes your mental energy, blocks action and doesn’t feel good!

-How to truly ‘get out of your head’ and be present so that you can focus at work and enjoy your time with family and friends

-Let go of the over-thinking, people-pleasing and wanting to ‘do it all’ to be more decisive and focus your attention in a positive way

– How to regain your inner peace whenever you need it (even when things feel chaotic around you) so you can give your best

Module 1 (6)

-How to feel okay making yourself a priority and meeting your needs so you can feel calmer and have the energy to tackle your day

-How to structure your day in a way that works for you to stay out of overwhelm, limit distraction and have breathing space

-What to do to ease common stressors and feel more positive (do more of what fills you up and less of what drains you)

– Create space for your mind and body to recharge by improving self-care, learning acceptance, and having more self-compassion

Module 1 (7)

How to put more focus on your strengths and leverage them more in your day-to-day to create more ease and confidence

-Have the courage to overcome your fears, say what’s on your mind and stand up for what you believe is right

-How to become less fazed by the challenges you face – big and small – and grow stronger when you do face a setback or failure

-How to more effectively communicate your expectations, what’s on your mind and reasons why for a decision

Trust in yourself and listen to your intuition more to guide choices

Module 1 (8)

-Now that we have created some room, become more strategic and focused with your time to uplevel your performance

– How to effectively focus your time and attention on the right things at the right time, and not get pulled into the weeds

-Have clarity on your real priorities and where you contribute the highest value to feel confident in what to say yes and say no to

– How to structure your day that works for you to effectively focus your time, work less hours and achieve more

-How to set proper and realistic expectations with others, and lead by example taking a balanced approach to your days


-How to strengthen your relationships in simple, effective ways in every conversation or interaction (and not undermine them)

-How to influence in positive ways so you and the other person feels good about the direction you want to go

-How to remain calm even when you’re feeling frustrated and people are “driving you crazy”

-How to fully be present in the moment with the people around you

-Be the leader you aspire to be and a role-model for others. It’s a positive ripple effect!

Use Your Best To Keep Momentum

You’ll continually assess results and how you will continue evolving being the best version of yourself (and not revert back to your old way of doing things). Use your best to make you better. It’s continual growth!

You’ll have everything you need

 Content + Support + Accountability

Each Month Deep Dive Into A Module

There will be a short weekly lesson with a video and PDF for self-reflection (go at your own pace) to build critical skills, be clear on your small actions, and learn simple strategies to apply into your life and see progress consistently. This is transformational and proven to work!

Monthly Virtual Workshop

This will be focused on the monthly theme to go even deeper, apply what you’re learning in the moment and get live coaching and support from me. This is not new content — it is taking what you already learned and we apply it into your life and help you figure out what works for YOU!

Monthly Q&A / Group Coaching Session

Gain clarity on your biggest questions with a real-life challenge so you have awareness and action to keep moving forward. You’ll receive coaching and guidance to help you figure out what will work for you. Learn from others’ questions too! This will be on Zoom meeting so we can have a conversation.

Online Community For Support When You Need

Get support, accountability and some inspiration when you need it! Stacey will be in the online group to support you consistently. Ask your questions, share insights and connect with other busy leaders creating more balance for themselves, their teams and their families.

Flexibility! Do What Works for YOU

Attend live or watch recordings, go through the content at your own pace, and pop in and out of the group as you need! This is designed to be flexible and meet you where you are at and keep you moving forward at a pace that works for you as a monthly membership. No pressure here!

Let’s Create The Change You Want Together

The way we work is changing and people are waking up that burning out or sacrificing your well-being is not the path to success and a good life. We are leading this change (leadership is a way of being NOT your title) and change like this doesn’t happen overnight. There is power in going through your journey with people on a similar path. Let me help you create the change you want to see!

Here’s what others have to say

This program gave me MORE time and energy and made my days less frantic! It is for any leader who wants to develop more self-confidence, tap into more self-awareness, and also develop their resilience so they can show up as the best versions of themselves, not only for their teams, but for themselves personally and for all the important relationships in their lives. I’m very grateful I participated in this program.

With Stacey’s help, I’ve been able to take strategies and make them actionable to reduce my overall stress levels, and this has made me more effective at work and keep my personal and work balance in check.

I’ve learned that there is a different way you can do work and life. Stacey showed me that balance is possible and that I have to be intentional about choosing it. It sounds simple but reframing it this way has been powerful for me. Now I am making choices that bring more in line with living my values every day. You really have to want to change to be able to internalize and practice what Stacey teaches, yet I believe the results are so worth the effort.

Change, tighter deadlines, more work – I felt like I wasn’t leading anymore, I was only managing issues. It seemed like I no longer had the time or energy to do anything else. Stacey has a unique perspective about how I could choose how I wanted to lead. Right from the start, she encouraged me to revisit what was important to me as a person and challenged me to make choices based on my values. It was hard work, but well worth it. Over the following weeks, Stacey coached me to strategically develop ways to transition towards being the leader I wanted to be. The best part is, I can use what I was taught! There are still peaks and valleys in my role as a leader, yet now I have the tools to manage them. I would recommend you consider working with Stacey. Don’t settle for anything less than to be your best.

Is the program right for you?

The Balanced Leader Membership is a great fit if:

You no longer want to settle for status quo and want the strategies, tools, and support along the way for more ease, simplicity and faster results

You are open-minded and willing to experiment with new ways of thinking and actions and get out of your comfort zone.

You want more than just a course or just coaching – this is a transformational membership with a mix of teaching the skills and coaching/supporting you along the way with added support and accountability!

This program is NOT a good fit if . . .

You want instant results – lasting change like this takes patience and consistency, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey.

You aren’t willing to look at what you can think and do differently (and waiting for external circumstances or people to change).  This is about you taking control of your days and being a leader.

Here’s what other lovely people have to say from my corporate days


“I had the pleasure of working with Stacey in the corporate world at FCC, where she was a stellar portfolio and project manager. She was viewed as a high-potential employee and was leading the Enterprise Portfolio Management Office when she left FCC to follow her passion, which is bringing out the best in others through coaching. As a seasoned coach and consultant, I am proud to be a mentor of Stacey’s. She is intelligent, perceptive, warm and deeply committed to helping clients with transformational change. I highly recommend her!”

— Kellie Garrett, PCC, Executive Coach, Speaker


“Leveraging both her perceptive interpersonal skills and her strong leadership abilities, Stacey was able to partner with members of my leadership team and constructively identify and address foundational divisional issues within a relatively short engagement. I found Stacey to be a beacon of positive outlook and a convicting example of what success can look like when one pursues the important instead of just the urgent.”

— Brad Strom, Vice President & CIO, Information Technology & Security at SaskPower

Here’s what others have to say about the program

This program went beyond the traditional leadership training. It’s one thing to be told how to be a good leader, it’s a whole different ballgame to actually BE a good leader (especially in stressful situations). Since starting this program I’ve just been so much more aware of the thoughts in my head and how I can shift those thoughts to create a better result.

I also really enjoyed working with a group and really appreciated the different perspectives and insights. Overall, a great experience!

One of the biggest results I have had (and there are several) is realizing that I have a choice each day and, in each moment, how I think and react to situations in my work and home life. This is very empowering. This program is great for anyone who is looking to improve their performance at work, get clarity on their goals and set a good balance between work and home life to see joy and fulfillment each day.

It will also help those who are managing people as it brings out the importance of relationships and positively influencing others. I learned many things that I have implemented into my everyday life.

The biggest takeaway from coaching with Stacey was this . . .you do not need to compromise who you are and what you value to be successful in your career. It’s so profound and simple. This one takeaway has given me such confidence in the way I lead and show up at work and with my family.

You have a choice

You can choose to settle for the status quo, figure out on your own or join us in this unique and transformational program for all the coaching, training, support and inspiration you need to make the change you want in your life – to be more balanced, stress less and perform at a high level.

Join the waitlist!