Discover how to focus your time and balance your life (without sacrificing performance)

Join the upcoming live workshop event the week of May 17th called The Big Shift: Focus Your Time, Balance Your Life. The recordings will be available if you’re unable to attend a session live. Enter your name and best email below to register now!

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It’s time to make yourself a priority and you will perform at a whole new higher level.

 The workshop series event kicks off May 17, 2021 and is a week of short workshops, clarity, and action to become more focused with your time. This is more important than ever in current times juggling work, kids and all the uncertainty.
Training, coaching and support with professional leadership coach Stacey L. Olson, CPPC

You’ll have guidance and support along the way with powerful questions and clarity, and learning life-changing skills and strategies to focus your time and create more balance in your life. Stacey will be there to fully support you for almost two weeks!

Learn simple ways to focus your time and create the flexibility and balance you desire (without added stress and overwhelm)

There will be a daily 50-minute workshop or Q&A session at 10am MT/ 12pm ET. Recordings and support will be available if unable to attend a live sessions and the opportunity to ask your questions.

Step into a new level of confidence, focus and clarity to move you forward and not settle for status quo!

You’ll step into the best version of yourself as you begin to focus your time and create more balance your life, so that you can perform at a high level and enjoy your days far more (even in uncertain times)

Here’s what you will discover

Workshop 1 – May 17

Get clear on your big shift and what’s possible

Discover what you really want and what’s in your way. Find out the biggest factors limiting your focus and balance. Learn why working harder is backwards and hindering your performance.

Workshop 2 – May 19

Create boundaries to protect your time & energy

Gain clarity on your real priorities, where to focus your time and say no more, and how to start creating breathing space and boundaries in your-day, all while still performing in your role

Workshop 3 – May 21

Step into being a balanced leader and your best self

Discover what it really takes to be balanced AND perform at a high level. Walk away with a plan that fits with your life and have the time and energy to be present and enjoy your personal time.

You’re in great hands here

“I highly recommend Stacey! Her program provides a strategic approach to improving and resolving the common frustrations we experience at work and in our daily lives. Her approach is kind, caring and practical, and you build lifelong habits and skills.”

— Jackie, Senior Performance Analyst


“I thought working with Stacey was going to be just one more thing on my plate, but I was actually able to free up MORE time and energy!

— Keely, Executive Director


“Before working with Stacey, I felt that in order for you to have success or a breakthrough, it had to be a big change. I now know that it’s the little things we do each day that leads to big growth and change. This is far more manageable!”

— Kandis, Academic Chair 

“I did the workshop with Stacey a few months ago and she is seriously SO GOOD! The materials and resources she provides are some of the best I have seen. She will help you prioritize alllll the roles we have as leaders, moms, wives, etc. and create space and energy to excel in all those roles without drowning.

— Amanda, Manager 


“Working with Stacey, I was able to take strategies to reduce my overall stress levels, and this has made me more effective at work and keep my personal and work balance in check.”

— Tyler, Senior Leader 

“Our committee had the pleasure of welcoming Stacey as a guest speaker in our Leadership Series webinars. Stacey’s presentation was incredibly well done. It was organized, to the point and easy to follow. Our audience absolutely loved it, and the only negative feedback we received was that they wished it had been longer!”

Ashley Hamilton

Have questions about the event?

What date does the event start?

The event starts on May 17, 2021 and will take place for one week with a daily workshop or Q&A session at 10am MT/12pm ET. Attend live or watch the recordings . . . you choose each day what’s best for your schedule! Just commit to carve out the time at some point! You’ll want to make sure you sign up today so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and get it into your calendar. Once you’re signed up you’ll receive a detailed schedule.

Does it matter my position or level of experience to take part?

Absolutely not! This is for anyone regardless of your position or current situation who wants to perform at a high level, discover how to focus their time and create more balance in their life. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to get all your questions answered and support from a professional coach throughout the week. I’ll meet you where you are at!

Life is busy! What if I don’t have time?

Is more balance, less stress and performing at a high level important to you? If so, go for it! It does take time to discover a new way of thinking, actions, and figure out what you need to move forward. But this could be time well-invested that could change your life. Some of the biggest changes in my life have come from carving out time even when I felt I didn’t have it. Again, you can attend live or watch the recordings when it works for you. Why not join?

Does it cost anything to take part?

Absolutely not! This special free event is something that I’ll be doing once a year going forward and it does not cost anything to take part. It’s designed for busy leaders/professionals to make a big shift to own their day instead of their day owning them. Even though it is free, it is still high value . . . we put a lot of effort into making this event amazing for you.